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NICU Department Donations

March 11, 2018

We teamed up with Kindness Matters to donate items to the NICU department at Renown and St. Mary’s Hospital. We chose this organization to donate to in honor of Katie’s childhood friend Sabrina who was born a premie and weighed 2 lbs 2 oz.  She is now a loving 17 year old who enjoys playing volleyball. Katie wrote a book about her and called her a hero for surviving. Each donation $300.00

We also donated to the NICU department at the Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. Katie’s sister in law Danyelle Myers has the pleasure of delivering the babies of this department as she is serving her residency as an OBGYN in Las Vegas.  We donated to them in honor of her accomplishments and the friendship they shared.   This donation warmed my heart and the nurses were touched by our generosity in the donation.  The head nurse shared with us this was a true blessing and loved because most of the babies in their department are up for adoption.  So they were delighted to send the baby home with a little gift package “wrapped with love”  from Katie’s Foundation.  $350.00

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