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NICU Department Donations

March 11, 2018

We teamed up with Kindness Matters to donate items to the NICU department at Renown and St. Mary’s Hospital. We chose this organization to donate to in honor of Katie’s childhood friend Sabrina who was born a premie and weighed 2 lbs 2 oz.  She is now a loving 17 year old who enjoys playing volleyball. Katie wrote a book about her and called her a hero for surviving. Each donation $300.00

We also donated to the NICU department at the Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas. Katie’s sister in law Danyelle Myers has the pleasure of delivering the babies of this department as she is serving her residency as an OBGYN in Las Vegas.  We donated to them in honor of her accomplishments and the friendship they shared.   This donation warmed my heart and the nurses were touched by our generosity in the donation.  The head nurse shared with us this was a true blessing and loved because most of the babies in their department are up for adoption.  So they were delighted to send the baby home with a little gift package “wrapped with love”  from Katie’s Foundation.  $350.00

Nevada Registry

March 5, 2018

We donated to their  Food Bank Drive with several boxes of Costco Cereals totaling $100.00. Katie loved cereal.. but mostly breakfast. She understood the importance of eating breakfast everyday and often made a smoothy and shared with her classmates.

We donated to their Flip Flop drive for the children of the Philippines.  We chose this donation in loving memory of  Katie’s Father who was a podiatrist in Daly City. For many years he kept the little feet walking.  So 100 pairs of flip flops were donated to the Nevada Registry in loving memory of Roger D. Weingartner, DPM.   $120.00


What’s in your Purse?

February 17, 2018

We attended a fundraiser for the Woman of Sierra Group “What’s in your Purse” and purchased a donation item for $200.00 with Sheila Ferrel.  A wine basket with a variety of wines and accessories. 

Diaper Donation Drive

February 15, 2018

We held a Diaper Donation drive for the Estipona Group which in turn had us donate our 35 cases of diapers to the Woman of Sierra group.   $450.00 

Dodge for a Cause

February 11, 2018

We donated a beautiful Garden Basket which valued $375.00 to Dodge for a Cause at Silver state volleyball gym in Reno, Nv. We chose this event in honor of an employee of Rayco Drywall who lives with a special needs child. This event helped purchase a service dog to help with another child’s disability.  

Create a Space for Art

January 5, 2018

Create a space for Art held an event where we came together and made flower arrangements for the Seniors in assisted living areas.  Katie Grace Foundation donated several hundreds of dollars of beautiful silk flowers for this event.  We chose this project in memory of Katie’s late Grandmother Evelyn Weingartner who lived to the age of 97 years old.  Katie shared a special love for her Grandmother and spent many hours learning from her.  We later delivered the flowers to the assisted living facilities in Reno and had the opportunity to meet some of the recipients.  This event warmed my heart.  $450.00

Katie’s Birthday

December 30, 2017

For Katie’s Birthday we met the kids at the corner for a candle lite vigil. We shared stories of Katie and her love for others.  It was a beautiful and moving experience.  

Julie Cardinalli shared a post on Instagram of things Katie taught her about life: 

These things I have incorporated into a testament of what Katie stood for:

  1. Fear no one
  2. Speak without malice 
  3. Act in the benefit of others
  4. Be the best version of yourself

Christmas at Katie’s

December 25, 2017

For Christmas I invited Reno High School students to come to the house and help me decorate our Christmas Tree. Each student chose one of Katie’s ornaments and placed it on the tree. Later they made their own individual gratitude jars in memory of Katie and the joy she shared with me each day.  We chatted and ate Christmas cookies. This event warmed my heart.

Feeding the Homeless

November 23, 2017

Ray Myers, Ron Myers and Kimberly Weingartner had the honor of helping to feed the homeless or families in need of a hot meal for Thanksgiving at St. Vincent’s dining hall.  It was pleasure to participate with so many families and to share Katie’s love of Thanksgiving with others. It brought many tears of happiness in knowing we were there to participate in Katie’s loving memory of others and her love of pumpkin pie.   

St. Vincent’s later invited us to hand out our blankets to the homeless during their warm jacket hand out. Leslie Church participated in this event with me. We ended up sharing 350 blankets with the homeless.

Reno High Tree Dedication

October 25, 2017

At the beginning of the school year Reno High school dedicated a beautiful tree on the grounds of the front entrance of the school in loving memory of Katie. The teachers spoke about their love for Katie and my friend shared precious thoughts of how grateful we are for all the warm thoughts and for the love you share of Katie.